All the details about Marvel’s Wolverine – INDIAN were leaked years before the release.

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Early this morning, Insomniac Games and Sony are going through the same thing that Rockstar Games went through last September. As a result of a recent hacker attack, a large amount of information about upcoming projects has been leaked onto the Internet. The most interesting thing is Marvel’s Wolverinewhich has already been announced in September 2021, but until today we knew very little about him. The only certainty was that compared to the spider adventure it would be darker, with a more mature tone.

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Leaks about Wolverine will undoubtedly rank among the biggest in the gaming industry for a long time. Don’t fuss – basically everything is leaked. Not only concept art and some alpha gameplay footage like then Grand Theft Auto VI, but plot information, internal presentations, and even a full game build from the PC version.. Yes, PC version.

Don’t worry, there are some major story spoilers covered here. we will not. Anyone can find them. But we, of course, must inform about everything else. Concept art leaked from “small” things. Of course, they show not only Wolverine, but Sabretooth, Mystique, Jean Gray, Omega Red and Deathstroke.

The leaked cast list also includes more than just new characters. Logan, that is, Wolverine – if there are no changes – will be played by an Australian actor. Liam McIntyre. To most people, he is probably best known for his roles as Spartacus in the series of the same name or as J.D. Phoenix in the last two Gears of War games. Brett Gipson will play Logan’s adoptive brother Victor Creed (Sabretooth), also a pleasant surprise (or “surprise” because he’s everywhere) Troy Baker as Sinister, the stepfather of the previous two characters.

Without disclosing the delicate details of the story, today we already know that the game will consist of 40 main missions lasting about 15 hours.. It’s very similar to this year’s Spider-Man 2. In the case of “Wolverine”, 11 hours will be purely gameplay, and the remaining 4 hours will be a story film. The game will alternate combat with tactical stealth movement, boss battles, puzzle solving and world travel. In games of this type, of course, side content cannot be absent. In it, for example, we will explore the area, solve unspecified tasks, and also delve into memories. This should stretch out the game time even more.

If that’s not enough for you, we can also play as another character. In particular, Jean Gray, who will focus more on fighting at a distance, using psychic abilities and telekinesis. In addition, it will have a “unique defense mechanism.” Even though she only appeared as a playable character in five missions, she seems to have more of a role than Mary Jane in the first Spider-Man. Given this, we can assume that in the future we can count on its use in DLC or standalone expansions. But let’s see, this is still a long way off.

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