Work on the Warhammer 40k film and series with Henry Cavill continues.

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Almost exactly a year ago, the start of cooperation between Games Workshop (owner of the Warhammer brand) and Amazon was announced, which should result in live-action films and TV series from this famous universe in the coming years. He is involved in the entire process from the very beginning. also American actor Henry Cavillwho calls himself a fan of the brand and video games in general.

Now we find out that both mentioned companies concluded a full-fledged agreement, so work on the upcoming adaptations can finally begin. Henry Cavill himself will officially take over the position of executive producer, from where he will oversee individual projects. However, Cavill is also expected to star in the upcoming installments.

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Screenwriters are currently being recruited, which suggests that they preparations are still at the beginning. It hasn’t even been announced whether we’ll see the movie or TV series first. However, available evidence indicates that Amazon has big plans for the entire universe.

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Source :Indian TV

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