Check out the list of the most popular platforms for 2023.

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The well-known site HowLongToBeat, which primarily collects player data on the playing time of individual games, she published list most popular platforms for 2023. PC players were the most likely to add their stats, followed by Nintendo Switch users. Third place was then taken by PlayStation 4. The continued popularity of old consoles is confirmed by the fifth PlayStation 3 and the sixth Xbox One.

Both representatives of the previous generation in the form of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One thus defeated their current successors. PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS also made the top ten. In addition to the review of HowLongToBeat platforms disclosed also a list of games that players they gave up most often during the game and they weren’t finished. Redfall won this poll, ahead of Minecraft: Legends and Forza Motorsport.

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Source :Indian TV

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