Elden Ring expansion release window may have popped up

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Some speculation regarding the Elden Ring expansion was already written here last week. However, currently one of the users of the ResetEra server has come across another hint that Shadow of the Erdtree could appear as early as next year. What brought them to this? Apparently, they managed to find a Thrustmaster controller that was supposed to be connected to the Elden Ring. More precisely, with its new addition Shadow of the Erdtree, which, according to the presented parameters, should arrive in February 2024.

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According to Thrustmaster, players can also look forward to controllers themed around Malenia and Ranny. However, they should not appear until 2025. Therefore, it is quite possible that we will not see an expansion this year. But it’s unlikely that the anticipated DLC for Elden Ring will be released without more active advertising.

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Source :Indian TV

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