We won’t be seeing a multiplayer mod for Starfield after all.

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Bethesda is known for the fact that its games often gain popularity due to community support and the creation of various modifications. It can also be seen in Starfield, which various groups are currently working on, trying to add as many elements as possible that they are missing from the game world. Work was also underway to create multiplayer, which would give players the opportunity to travel through space together and experience various adventures. However, for now, it looks like we won’t be seeing this modification. Although its creator was initially excited about the possibilities he would give players through it, in the end, according to information from the VG247 server, it seems that at least he himself will no longer be involved in development.

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The reason for this step is supposed to be the fact that he simply does not enjoy the game and has completely lost the magic that was, for example, in Skyrim. However, the author plans to offer the code of her modification free of charge to anyone interested in continuing her work. So we’ll see if anyone picks up his work and brings multiplayer to Starfield.

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Source :Indian TV

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