Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora feels better than the Far Cry series among players

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The similarities between Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora and the popular Far Cry series are quite obvious. We have a nimble character working through a game world where he hunts, crafts items, and fights overwhelming enemies. In short, a well-known formula that, according to the Metacritic server, this time attracted more players than reviewers. Yes, you read that right. While critics often have mixed feelings about the game, players enjoy it more than any of the Far Cry series released so far, from which it took most of its cornerstones.

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This work has a good rating of 8.1 from the community, while it received 72 points from reviewers. In terms of its score, it eclipses not only Far Cry, but also all current parts of the Assassin’s Creed series. The best of them has a rating of 7.4, and in the case of Far Cry, Far Cry 4 performed best with a player rating of 7.7. The situation is undoubtedly interesting. Let’s see if Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora sells as well.

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Source :Indian TV

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