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Yes, in Russia… everything is possible there. Even the fact that a group of our legionnaires from Moscow, located 2000 kilometers away, will get home, circumnavigating half the globe. Vladivostok. Developers from the Czech studio Ashbourne Games something unprecedented happened. Using your new game Last train home they gave us an often-overlooked history lesson in an incredibly attractive jacket and with a combination of game mechanics that you simply won’t find anywhere else. This game combines train driving simulator with tactical action strategy. And in realistic, historically accurate conditions. Brothers and sisters, come on, it’s time to shoot inside the review!

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I must admit that in history class I Czechoslovak Legions I heard, but I can’t say that I remember anything more than that they played an important role in the founding of our state. Before playing Last Train Home, I wanted to further my education. Not that it’s necessary for the game itself. What you need to do and why is explained to you in detail, but for a higher understanding of the historical context I can only recommend it. In short, the legions were made up of former soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army and other compatriots living abroad. They themselves perceived their refusal to submit to the emperor as part of foreign resistance and soon submitted to the leadership of the Provisional Government. On Russian territory, the legionnaires were, in fact, the only well-organized allied force. During the Russian Civil War they were on the side white movementbut since the Bolsheviks controlled the west, they had to return to the nascent Czechoslovakia go to the completely different side, to the east, and how else but by rail.

For legionnaires, specially adapted trains were a means of transportation, a tactical force, a home, a kitchen and, in fact, a personal hospital. The game’s tutorial relies on a tight introduction, where you’ll first experience the feel of an almost fully equipped train to become familiar with most of the game’s systems, and then the Moscow slap comes. Your commander dies in a skirmish with the Reds Major Gazdikand therefore the reins of government will be handed over to you.

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