Atomic Heart takes players to a very strange environment – INDIA

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There were already hints of weirdness in the original story. Atomic heart. If you want more, you will get them in the second add-on package. Trapped in Limbo was showcased in more detail in a minute-long gameplay trailer and takes players into a very strange environment that looks like something out of a children’s story.

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Limbo was already present in the original game, but it wasn’t that weird. Now this is a whole strange and colorful world where you have to discover new secrets, overcome challenges and fight to find a way out. You’ll have to deal with all sorts of enemies armed with strange-looking weapons. In one part even you turn into a bloodthirsty goose.

To unlock new abilities and weapons, you must collect apples, and collecting gold coins will unlock seven new unique skins. Otherwise, the story follows immediately after the end of the main game, but continues with a different ending than the one it followed. DLC “Destruction Instinct”.

The Trapped in Limbo expansion will be released on February 6, 2024 for all versions of Atomic Heart. The package is part of the Atomic Pass, as well as the Gold and Premium editions.

There will be two more packages in 2024. Apparently they will continue the story and bring new weapons and game mechanics.

Atomic Heart is available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The game is on Game Pass.

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Source :Indian TV

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