Epic is giving away 17 games for free this Christmas

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He launched the Epic Games Store digital store, following the example of previous years. big christmas sale. First of all, there are a number of games with a discount and a special coupon return. This will reduce the price of any game by another 33%, and you will be able to reuse it. The only condition is a purchase of at least 15 euros. The Christmas sale will last on the Epic Games Store website until January 10th.

As in previous years, players can also look forward to regular free game giveaways. Details in this direction were first revealed by a well-known insider with the nickname Billbil-kunwho told Epic about it this year during Christmas will offer a total of 17 free games.

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The first game was Destiny 2, presented yesterday in the Legacy Collection version, which in addition to the base game contains three paid expansions. Other name will be revealed on December 20th. From this date, Epic will be giving away one game every day until January 4th.

Source :Indian TV

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