The successor to The Settlers is the Czech language. The Pioneers of Pagonia invite you to settle – INDIAN

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Supporters SettlersThose who are disappointed with Ubisoft’s approach may have your appetite in store. Pioneers of Pagonia. The real-time strategy game was released yesterday on Steam Early Access and has very positive user reviews. They will also please Czech localization in the form of subtitles. Although not everything has been translated.

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In Pioneers of Pagonia, you enter a world with many islands inhabited by scattered tribes. The goal is to find these tribes and form an alliance with them. “Send your pioneers to explore the untouched land, search for hidden resources and explore secret places” press release beckons.

He’s behind the game Volker Wertich, which started The Settlers series. It offers players classic settlement building in nice and colorful graphics. If you don’t feel like fighting, you can choose a map focused on island colonization. Otherwise, there are up to four types of enemies that can be faced using different strategies and units.

Despite early access, the game in very good condition and offers a lot of content: 40 building types, over 70 types of goods with complex production chains and procedurally generated maps for endless fun. This is in line with the plan to release the full version within six months. The game will feature a cooperative mode, new buildings, additional production chains, as well as new opponents and units.

“We have been preparing for this day for about two years! The entire team is looking forward to feedback from the community. Enormous progress has been made since the public demonstration in October. Early access is an important milestone for our project and the beginning of a new journey. We are already working on additional game content and improvements. We still have many ideas and plans. That’s why we deliberately haven’t set a release date for the final version yet, because we want to work with the community to develop the game exactly according to their expectations.” said Volker Wertich, creative director at Envision Entertainment.

Until 12/27/2023 you can buy Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam for 25.49 euros (15% discount).

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