You don’t know Mickey Mouse that way. Mouse – a rough shooter in black and white graphics – INDIAN

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In May of this year, the unconventional first-person shooter was revealed in a teaser trailer. Mouse. Polish studio Fumi Games showed off a trailer for the game so we could take a closer look at their project.

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Call of Duty and DOOM with a distinctive art style and an indie hit Cuphead from 2017. This is how you can quickly describe a Mouse shooter. Although the authors do not mention popular fairy-tale characters – Disney would have eaten them – but after watching the video it should be clear to everyone that this is just Mickey Mouse.

Officially, the creators are talking about inspired by classic first-person shooters and film noir. They also admit that they are inspired by the best examples of the 30s, the so-called rubber hose animation (rubber hose animation), the first animation style made famous by Walt Disney cartoons.

In “Mouse” we get to enjoy an exciting journey through a dangerous and corrupt city as a private detective. John Muston, armed with a revolver, Tommy Gun, hammer, rifle and dynamite. With this weapon you will have to outwit your enemies in any way possible.

Now it’s worse. The mouse is in the early stages of development. The release is expected only in 2025 on PC.

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Source :Indian TV

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