Hackers hacked Insomniac Games studio and obtained confidential information – INDIA

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Sony won’t have a quiet end to the year. This morning we informed you about the first possible details of the console. PlayStation 5 Pro and recently the ransomware group Rhysida boasted of hacking the studio Games for insomnia. The group was supposed to receive information about the upcoming game. Marvel’s Wolverinewhich is in development for PS5.

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A mosaic made from stolen materials was presented as evidence. Here we see several images from the game. In addition, the group reportedly received confidential information about Insomniac Games employees, including scans of passports and associates. Apparently, among them there are Yuri Lowenthal, voice of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. In addition, the hackers must have obtained internal emails and other unspecified confidential documents.

Insomniac has seven days to respond and pay. 50 bitcoins. At current exchange rates, this is more than two million dollars (47.4 million Czech crowns). If they don’t pay, the auction will start at the same starting price.

Companies usually do not negotiate with hackers or resort to blackmail. In September last year, gameplay footage of an early version of the development was similarly leaked. Grand Theft Auto IV. The hacker was later caught.

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Source :Indian TV

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