There is no return of Timesplitters. Embracer liquidates Free Radical Design – INDIA

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Investigation Hug group he ended up in another studio. Swedish holding company closes British company Free radical designwhere the new part of the famous series was created Timesplitters.

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Two weeks ago there was already talk about closing the studio. This was recently confirmed by some former employees who, according to them, they handed over the keys and left the office. Among them, for example, is Adam Kiraly, a former lead technical artist.

Free Radical Design studio has returned from the dead in 2021. A new development team led by the original founders was tasked with reviving the TimeSplitters series.

Before this, Embracer closed will (Saints Row) Bondage by the fire and de facto New World Interactive. Until 30.09.2023 900 people were laid offwhich represents 5% of the total workforce, and canceled 15 projects. The cuts will continue in the coming months.

Free Radical Design was based in Nottingham, UK. The studio was founded in 1999 and became famous thanks to the TimeSplitters series. The company then went into financial management and was purchased by the German Crytek in 2009 and renamed Krytek UK. In 2014, the studio was closed and most of the staff moved to the newly created Dambuster Studios. In 2021, the studio was brought back from the dead thanks to Embracer, and along with the original founders of Free Radical Design, the TimeSplitters brand was set to return.

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