How many studios are there in the Czech Republic? Latest statistics on the state of the Czech gaming industry – INDIAN

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At the GDC developer conference in Prague, the state of the Czech gaming industry in 2022 was revealed. We found out how many game studios are operating here, the turnover of Czech game companies, the total number of games industry employees and much more.

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Data collection was carried out by the Association of Czech Game Developers. Thanks to her, we know that in 2023 they will work in the Czech Republic. 155 game studies. 8 of them were founded in 2022 and 14 in 2021. If the number of studies surprises you, then 76% of them have less than 10 employees. 18% have from 10 to 49 people, 5% have from 50 to 249 people, and one percent have more than 250 people.

The turnover of Czech gaming companies this year is approximate CZK 7.60 billion. Last year it amounted to 7.52 billion crowns, which is 6% more than in 2021.

Worked in gaming companies in 2022. 2634 people. This is 414 more than in 2021. This year an increase of 430 people is expected. Continues to lead in the number of studies Prague, where 54% is studying. In Brno – 21%, in Ostrava – 5%, in other cities of the Czech Republic – 20%.

The profit of Czech gaming companies for 2022 amounted to 2.10 billion CZK. A year earlier it was 2.08 billion crowns. In 2022, Czech research published a total of 60 games:

  • 37 complete games
  • 2 deuces in early access
  • 21 free games
  • 11 additions
  • Plus about 200 free games – game jams, student projects, etc.

Domestic research is dominated by Czechs with a share of 64.5%. The most common foreigners are Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, Americans and Dutch. By gender, 82% are men and 18% are women. The most common age is from 26 to 35 years (56%).

More details in the infographic:

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Source :Indian TV

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