Arkane, Tango Gameworks and More Bethesda Celebrate DOOM’s 30th Anniversary with Fun Images – INDIAN

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Yesterday the DOOM series celebrated its glorious 30th anniversary. Basically we celebrated our quiz and overall it can be said that Throughout the weekend, the celebration was led mainly by fans from all over the world and the creators of the original game. from id Software. John Romero as expected, he released an excellent unofficial sixth episode of the original DOOM, called SIGIL 2, shortly after midnight on Saturday, and on Sunday evening met with John Carmack in a very interesting thread (entry below). Adrian Carmack he used Twitter again to post impressive drawings from the development of the first and second parts.

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Of course, the already existing studio id Software joined the celebration along with the publisher Bethesda Softworks, which owns it. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the announcement of the new DOOM. nor any other upcoming project, Marty Stratton And Hugo Martin but through the video they thanked the fans, modders, original creators and all former and current id Software employees for their long-term support of the entire brand.

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