Interactive drama Twilight Falls coming to PlayStation

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Developers from the studio Interior Night announced their successful story-driven adventure game last year When dusk falls, an interactive movie if you will, will also be released on Sony consoles. On PlayStation 4 and 5 it comes out March 7. Support for haptic feedback or touchpad controls will be added. On all platforms, audio description will be available as part of Accessibility. The game will also be available on GOG and the Epic Game Store on the same day.

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The Quantic Dream-style game, albeit with a more modest presentation, inspired by the TV series Fargo, for example, received mostly positive reviews from players and reviewers. He won the title of best at last year’s The Game Awards. Games for influence.

“The most important thing to know is that Twilight Falls is an interactive drama first and a game second. It serves the function of a good story, which is made special by the graphical treatment. But even this has drawbacks when it comes to environmental shots. Quick-time events are still a thing in the genre and aren’t particularly fun. Point-and-click passages also have a slight added effect. But everything is picked up by the decision-making system and replayability is maintained, although here the authors do not deviate from established formulas. Multiplayer is a nice bonus,” we wrote about the game in review.

Source :Indian TV

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