FromSoftware still wonders why Elden Ring was such a hit

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Elden’s Ring has become one of the biggest gems given to players in recent years. His subsequent success was not such a surprise. The game managed to win a number of awards and sales were also quite good. Who else can boast over 20 million units sold, right? However, developers from FromSoftware do not fully understand why their game became such a success, as its producer Yasuhiro Kitao confirmed in a recent interview. The reason for the misunderstanding is primarily the fact that the studio actually did nothing new. He was simply following the path he had chosen many years ago. According to him, Prim should be fun and generally valuable – these are the parameters that the creators want to apply in the future.

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For those of you who are waiting for the first expansion for Elden Ring, the good news is that according to some leaks, it will release as early as February 2024. However, it is doubtful whether this is actually the case. So far there is no indication of an early release.

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Source :Indian TV

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