10 games that survived their death and redeemed themselves

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There are good games, and there are, of course, bad ones. And there is a situation when you have a good game – some good, sometimes just great – but the developers literally screwed up its release so much that it becomes the object of criticism and the entire reputation and trust of the players is irrevocably damaged. The criticism can get to the point where even if a better game is hidden behind bugs, microtransactions, or something else, it still falls out of favor with players and is looked down upon. And these are the games we will look at together today. For games that were able to “pay for themselves” and prove to us that, despite a bad start, these are really good games.

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Star Wars Battlefront II is sure to enter the video game hall of fame. But probably not the way the DICE developers wanted. If there was ever one thing that EA really failed at, it was a series of decisions about how much they wanted to test players’ patience. Star Wars Battlefront II was a big PR miss. Whether we’re talking about the loot box system, the absolutely terrible leveling system, very aggressive monetization, or just EA’s presentation and reaction on Reddit. We all probably know that the most disliked comment on Reddit is the one that defends the need for terrible sanding.

It got to the point where government agencies and gaming commissions got involved. But today? The situation around Battlefront II is completely different, and the original work, which simply wanted to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, is a thing of the past. DICE did the impossible and Battlefront II was a truly great game that proved that everyone deserves a second chance.

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