The excellent construction strategy Against the Storm has been released. It has Czech language and is in Game Pass – INDIAN

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The rogue-lite strategy builder has come to PC in full version Against the storm, which we recently praised in a review. We gave out game badges for having a great experience and being able to play the game over and over again.

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You can play it now. It is also available on Steam for subscribers. PC Game Pass. Domestic players will certainly be satisfied. Czech subtitles, which the Eremite Games studio did not forget about. A friend took care of the translation Filip Jenishek. He localized Cyberpunk 2077 or Last Train Home, among other things.

After leaving Early Access, the game will no longer receive regular updates every two weeks. Instead, the developers will focus on new content that will appear in the future. More precise plans are not yet known.

“Against the Storm is a surprisingly well-functioning combination of city-building and roguelike elements. Gradually expanding your capabilities while increasing your responsibilities creates a great gameplay loop that is often lacking in many similar games. Bravo,” you can read in our review.

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Source :Indian TV

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