Tactical shooter Ready or Not will soon leave early access and receive a new mission – INDIAN

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Tactical shooter is about to leave early access Ready or Not, which puts you in the role of a member of an operational unit. Like spiritual successor to the SWAT seriesor earlier versions of Rainbow Six, the game sends you on dangerous missions with different scenarios. In addition to barricaded criminals, you will have to deal with difficult hostage situations or perhaps an explosive threat.

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Ready or Not has been in early access since late 2021 and during its existence you went through several controversies. In addition to the schoolyard shooter themed missions, the game was removed from Steam two years ago due to copyright violations related to a recently added mission set in a nightclub. However, the game returned to the store soon after.

The game was met with negative reviews also because according to many, this makes crimes easier or even encourages players to imitate them.. Having a statement that Ready or Not “pays tribute to the work of dedicated law enforcement officials around the world and in no way intends to glorify cowardly criminal acts”, found in the game’s official description, likely reflects the desperation of the development team, tired of overly skeptical criticism of the game’s content at the time of writing. But it’s fair to say that perhaps the entire shooter genre has faced this problem since time immemorial.

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Source :Indian TV

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