Jurassic Park: Survival invites you back to the original Jurassic Park – INDIAN

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Dinosaurs and classical music motifs John Williams you can never have enough, so it was nice to see a new game with a simple name at The Game Awards. Jurassic Park: Survival. As the title suggests, this time we’re not talking about Jurassic World, which Universal has been developing in film and other media for the past few years. Here he plays the main role John Hammond’s original Jurassic Parkwhich we could see in the picture of the same name Steven Spielberg since 1993.

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Thus, players will have to survive in an abandoned park on Isla Nublar in the new product from Saber Interactive and Universal City Studios after the events of the film. And even if the name makes you think of some kind of multiplayer survival, in fact it will be a single-player action-adventure game with a never-before-seen story based on a first-person perspective.. The main character is Dr. Maya Joshi, who was unable to evacuate from the island along with the others. And so she will come into contact with dilophosaurs, tyrannosaurs and, of course, velociraptors. The same velociraptors that Tim and Lex in the film Jurassic Park not very successfully stuck in the freezer.

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