Touching Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Gets a Surprising Remake – INDIA

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Game of 2021amazing co-op game It Takes Two, I hope everyone knows. Joseph Fares became famous throughout the world mainly thanks to this game and his previous game, also co-op A Way Out. However, these were not his only games. Already in 2013, he was responsible for directing the touching story of two brothers in the game. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. And as we reported yesterday, it is indeed getting a remake.

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The aptly titled Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is being developed by little-known studio Avantgarden and publishing company 505 Games. So Josef Fares and his Hazelight studio don’t care.

The question is what quality the remake will be. The otherwise quality trailer raises the question of whether this game really needs a remake at all. He promises fidelity to the plot and original gameplay with redesigned characters and locations translated into next-gen graphics. This is exactly what was promised re-recorded soundtrack live orchestra.

Apparently, we should also expect new secrets to be revealed. However, the most important innovation is the ability to play the game not only in single player mode like the original, but also in single player mode. now also in local cooperation.

A remake of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is set to be released. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam, GOG, Epic) already 02/28/2024.

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Source :Indian TV

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