Bungie is facing a complete takeover by Sony

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After sudden layoffs at the end of October, developers are threatened Bangui complete resignation from the party Sony. Since the acquisition by the Japanese publisher, the studio has operated de facto autonomously, and decisions about layoffs had to be made by Bungie management. The future of the team’s leadership will depend on financial results, according to anonymous sources at former and current IGN employees.

The current board consists of five people – two representatives of Sony, let’s call the head of PlayStation Studios. Hermen Hulstand three Bungie representatives, including the studio director Pete Parsons. This is the turning point in the decision-making process. But that may change. Sony has the right to dissolve the board of directors and form a new one. He has the right to seek assistance if Bungie does not achieve the desired financial results.

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Many employees have to worry that when the renewal is postponed Final form For Destiny 2 It will not be possible to meet the expectations of the parent company for the next financial year. And this is despite the fact that inside there is relative satisfaction with the development of the benefit. Expensive parallel development doesn’t help the situation either Marathon. In any case, Bungie tries to save money where possible, such as on employee bonuses or travel expenses.

After the dismissal, there is a bad atmosphere in the team. About a hundred people, or 8%, lost their jobs. Among them was, for example, a composer and veteran of the Halo and Destiny brands. Michael Salvatori. Another blow was the forced departure of the “community builders” who, for example, were behind various development initiatives. Controversy also surrounds the timing of these statements.

Bungie threatens complete takeover of Sony zing nej hra2023

Source :Indian TV

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