Dishonored 3 announcement may be imminent

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Already this week, on the night from Thursday to Friday, The Game Awards event will take place, where, following the example of past years, in addition to presenting prizes for the best games of the year, a number of upcoming titles will also be presented. disclosed. In the last few hours there has been talk that something might have happened during the transfer. Introducing a new game from the Arkane studio. The rumors were fueled by an insider with the nickname NateTheHate, who claims that an unspecified new game from the Arkane Lyon team will appear at the event.

These are developers who have signed deals primarily with the Dishonored series in the past, and most recently served players of the original Deathloop event. On the other hand, another team from Austin, USA was behind the much-criticized Redfall collaboration event. While the introduction of a new brand or continuation of Deathloop cannot be completely ruled out, it seems like the most likely option. new part of the Dishonored serieswhich Microsoft itself mentioned some time ago in its internal materials.

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That current speculation must be about the Dishonored series. he hinted emoji character with a sword is also an insider and journalist Brad Sams, who in the past was the first to reveal preparations for Xbox Series S or the release date of said Redfall.

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Source :Indian TV

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