Resident Evil 4 remake will receive a gold edition

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In the remake of the fourth Resident Evil, a full-fledged VR mode for the PS VR2 headset will appear in a few days, namely on December 8. This is far from the first additional content for this successful Survival Horror (our review here), we have already seen the Mercenaries mode or the story DLC Separate Ways. And now it looks like Capcom is set to release the definitive edition.

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As with volumes seven and eight, it will carry the Gold Edition designation. How do we know this? It appeared on Metacritic somewhat prematurely, even despite the release date – February 9, 2024. It looks like the announcement could happen as early as Friday morning at The Game Awards.

It’s unclear if the Gold Edition will actually simply combine all of the released content into one package, or if Capcom has some kind of surprise in store after all. For example, a new interpretation of the story of Leon and Krauser in the form of Operation Javier, which was originally part of the title of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles?

Source :Indian TV

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