A thinner version of the PlayStation 5 console – INDIAN – is already available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Sony announced this evening that it is now available in our market. new, thinner version of the PlayStation 5 console. It went on sale in the UK, Germany, Poland and Italy last week.

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There are again two editions to choose from: disk and digitalto which you can purchase a plug-in Blu-Ray Ultra HD drive.

The new PS5 model comes with a 1TB SSD (up from 825GB). Otherwise, it has the same technical characteristics as the original version.

The thinner PS5, nicknamed Slim, has gradually replace old models. Sony says the console is more than 30% smaller, 18% thinner, and the digital version without a Blu-ray optical drive is 24% thinner.

The price of the thinner PlayStation 5 is the same as the original model before the discount, i.e. CZK 13,590 for the model with a Blu-ray drive and CZK 11,190 for the digital edition. You can buy it, for example, on CZC.cz. The vertical stand, not included, sells for CZK 699.

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Source :Indian TV

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