The hand-animated Harold Halibut will be released early next year.

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Narrative game Harold Halibut from the German team Slow brothers. will be released after more than ten years of development. The developers reveal the approximate date in a new trailer – we will see the name in early 2024. The new feature is especially interesting for its visual style, which is based on hand-painted stop-motion animation.

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In a title that aims to straddle the line between film and gaming media, we’ll take on the role of Harold. He lives on a spaceship that sank in the depths of an alien planet. While most residents have resigned themselves to life under water, the scientist who is Harold’s assistant does not lose hope. Together with the main character, we have to look for the meaning of the word. house. The ship’s crew originally escaped the Cold War on Earth, which is also reflected in the recognizable retro-futuristic style.

Harold Halibut strives PC, Game console And Xbox. On release day he will head straight to Games Passport.

Hand-animated Harold Halibut will be released early next year zing nej hra2023

Source :Indian TV

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