STALKER 2 will not be heavy on PC. Xbox Series X has two graphics modes – INDIAN

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There are widespread concerns about the game being further delayed. STALKER 2: The Heart of Chernobyl. This is based on impressions from players and journalists at Gamescom in Cologne in August. Many of them agreed that the expected post-apocalyptic action needed more time.

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Stalker 2 recently premiered in Chengdu, China, in a version that is similar in content to the August demo. The developers have made a number of corrections and quality adjustments. However, it appears that a further delay cannot be ruled out.

They were confirmed in an interview with local magazine GamerSky. two graphics modes in the Xbox Series X version: Productivity and quality. The developers’ goal is to achieve a frame rate of 60 FPS in Performance mode. But at the moment they don’t want to go into resolution details as they are still optimizing the game. But one thing is for sure: these options won’t be available on the less powerful Xbox Series S.

PC system requirements should be flexible enough. They are aiming for a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card to be sufficient. Of course, this means making tradeoffs in graphics quality. But we will have to wait for a more precise form. Official hardware requirements will be announced closer to release. the game is still in beta testing.

“It will take some time to finalize the game. We want to get the game to market at the highest level as quickly as possible, but due to the size and complexity of the open world, there are thousands of details that could go wrong. Game developers are always pressed for time, and it’s hard to say how close we are to finishing the game.” they stated.

In other words, there is no certainty yet that STALKER 2: The Heart of Chernobyl will be released in the first quarter of 2024 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. It was previously confirmed that the game will be released on Game Pass for PC and consoles. A version for PlayStation 5 will appear later. Moreover, they Czech subtitles.

While playing the extended PC demo, the journalist was intrigued by the dogs’ artificial intelligence. When he tried to hit one, he ran away. As he focused on the other dogs and took aim at them, the first dog returned and took the opportunity to pounce on him and bite him. Then he learned from the developers that Each monster has its own unique behavior pattern. For example, one wild dog will not attack out of nowhere, but a pack of wild dogs will try to surround you. You may bleed when attacked. To reduce injury, you need to bandage the wound.

It was also confirmed huge non-linear story. The direction of the plot will determine the player’s behavior. For this reason, it is impossible to experience the entire story in one pass, which will about 40 hours. There will be four endings to the main part. They will also be referred to for solutions to some side problems.

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Source :Indian TV

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