After the unsuccessful Hyenas, Creative Assembly will focus on real-time strategy games – INDIA

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They say that everything bad is good for something. From the cancellation of competitive first-person shooter Hyenas fans of the series can rejoice Total war. After the failure, the British studio Creative Assembly will devote itself to creating offline real-time strategies.

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The news came from the management of the publishing company Sega. After years of development and several months of testing, it canceled the extravagant shooter Hyenas. The decision was justified by the games’ lower profitability. Now Sega’s CEO has admitted that Creative Assembly’s lack of knowledge of the genre played a major role. After all Alien: Isolation since 2014 has been a survival horror.

“Each studio has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the early headwinds of COVID-19, coupled with the strong performance of individual games, led us to adopt a strategy of accelerating even in areas where these studios had not yet matured. “ explained Haruki Satomi while presenting the financial results.

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Source :Indian TV

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