Survival Sons of the Forest will leave early access in February – INDIAN

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If you don’t like buying early access games and waiting Sons of the Forest, so you’ll see it soon. Developer Endnight Games has announced that it will be leaving early access early next year.

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Sons of the Forest entered early access in February of this year and will be released in version 1.0 from February 22, 2024. The authors especially attract Shawn Ashmore from X-Men, Quantum Break or Alan Wake 2. Ashmore talking to Timmywhose role will be more important in the game and in the plot.

Timmy LeBlanc returns from the first part of The Forest. He is the son of the main character Eric Leblanc. Timmy was kidnapped by cannibals after a shipwreck on the island. I won’t go into spoilers.

“Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this Early Access journey. We’re very excited about what’s coming in version 1.0 and beyond.” the creators added. The major update will bring more new features and improvements to Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest sold two million copies on its first day. Over the past 24 hours, almost 12 thousand players played simultaneously on Steam. The record is 414,257 (nine months ago). Recent user reviews are extremely positive.

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Source :Indian TV

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