New season of Rainbow Six Siege postponed – INDIA

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For new content players Rainbow Six Siege they will wait a little longer. Ubisoft has announced the postponement of the final season of the eighth tactical multiplayer event.

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The fourth season of the eighth year of Rainbow Six Siege should have been called Operation Deep Freeze launched yesterday. Shortly before this, the developers apologized. They decided to delay the season for additional testing to ensure the best possible experience.

Operation Deep Freeze currently has no set date. In any case, she will new operator Tubarao. Originally from Ponta Delgada, Portugal, he is part of the Wolfguard CTU along with Doc, Rook and Twitch. His unique instrument is Zoto Canister. For example, you throw this “canister” at the ceiling, where it releases an icy gas that reveals traces of enemies in the room above you. The gas should also disable enemy gadgets.

New map Lair is a giant cave system with a secret underground headquarters somewhere in Portugal.

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Source :Indian TV

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