The path to a better Horizon multiplayer experience? PlayStation partners with MMO gaming expert – INDIAN

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For a long time now we have been hearing all sorts of assumptions regarding the complex. massively multiplayer project from the world of Horizon. Studio Guerrilla games officially confirmed the title this year, and subsequent speculation suggests he could easily be working on it for over five years. The publisher’s new strategic partnership may ease the path to success. Sony.

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The Japanese video game giant announced closure of cooperation with the South Korean company NCSoft, who can be considered an expert in the field of MMO games. For example, his portfolio may include famous names such as Lineage or Guild Wars.

Partnership with NCSoft can increase Sony’s ambitions in live-service gaming or future MMO projects. As the company itself stated in a press release, the collaboration is intended to address many different areas of the global activities of both brands, including mobile market. Will we see a new multiplayer game for smartphones and tablets in the future?

The statement from Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is also key. Speaking “Working with NCSoft is a step forward in our strategy to expand the reach of the PlayStation system beyond consoles to a wider audience.” makes it clear that the partnership can will have a more significant impact on fans of computer games or even fans of the aforementioned mobile gaming industry.

“This partnership with SIE is the beginning of our efforts to create various synergies by leveraging the core competencies, technological capabilities and experience of both companies,” — commented Taekjin Kim, CEO of NCSoft. “We will provide our viewers with a new and enjoyable experience across different genres and regions,” he added.

The conclusion of cooperation between Sony and NCSoft has already been discussed previously. More than a year has passed since the Korean portal MTN wrote that NCSoft is helping Guerrilla Games and Sony develop a new MMORPG in the Horizon universe.

Earlier this year, a video game leaked online that graphics resemble Fortnitebut it takes place in a world similar to Horizon.

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Source :Indian TV

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