Almost half of CD Projekt’s developers are already working on The Witcher 4

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At the end of August, we informed you about the gradual increase in human capabilities in the development team, which has been preparing a full-fledged new Witcher for some time. Another update was added by the management of CD Projekt RED now on the occasion of the publication of its financial results. About the new Witcher, codenamed Polaris it currently employs about 330 developers, which is almost 50% of the capacity of the entire CD Projekt. In August, for comparison, there were 260 developers.

In addition, another increase is planned. The head of the company, Adam Kicinski, said that by the middle of next year, more than 400 people should be involved in the development of The Witcher. It should be in full swing now transfer of a whole number of developerswho have worked on Cyberpunk 2077 in recent years and then the Phantom Liberty expansion, released in September of this year.

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While most of the “cyberpunk team” will join the development of the new Witcher, some members will instead help form a group that will be responsible for the new Cyberpunk with working designation Orion. However, his development is at the very beginning and the whole team seems to be just beginning to take shape. You can see the distribution of individual teams within CD Projekt in the infographic below.

The Witcher 4

Source :Indian TV

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