Survival strategy War Hospital has revealed a new release date

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In October, the authors of the Polish studio Brave Lamb announced the transfer of the War Hospital strategy, in which you will be made head of the field hospital during the First World War. In addition to the original setting, the game also attracts attention with its emphasis on choices that will affect the fate of individual soldiers and the direction of the hospital itself. It is these characteristics that the game is reminiscent of, for example, the award-winning strategy game Frostpunk from the studio 11 bit.

So far, after the aforementioned delay, all we knew was that the game was due to release sometime early next year. But recently the developers announced the exact release date, which was scheduled for January 11, when War Hospital is released on PC (Steam), as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. You can watch the new trailer in the preview above.

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Military hospital

Source : Zing

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