Geoff Keighley explains why there are no Best Remake or Best Supporting Actor categories at the TGA

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Organizer and moderator Geoff Keighley he answered fans’ questions about why he was here Game rewards The relatively coveted awards for Best Remake and Best Supporting Actor will be missing this year.

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“We’ve talked about it. I think the question is: do you have five amazing remakes every year?” he muses. “Some years, yes – there’s been some amazing games this year, Resident Evil 4 is obviously nominated for game of the year. Dead Space and many other good games that came out this year… And the question is whether these remakes can compete for the Game of the Year award.

A category for supporting acting will be offered, perhaps due to improved performance capture and more actual game action. “There are a lot of great performances. On the other hand, there are people who say you pay too much attention to the plot aspects of games and you are too much like the oscars, you have awards for writing, acting and similar awards and you should focus more on things related to gameplay“Kayley explains. The division of the category into male and female performances does not take into account the production; they are proud of the gender neutrality of the awards.

In a recent podcast we talked about The Game Awards and the potential for converging or overlapping categories.

Source : Zing

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