10 Best Gaming Moments of 2023 – INDIAN

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2023 is coming to an end and I hope you agree with us that it has been a HELL year with a capital H for us players… We haven’t had this many good games month after month here for quite some time. . So, we sat down in the editorial office and tried to put together the best and most interesting moments from our favorite works that we will remember for some time.

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But most often it happens that the most interesting thing is simply the whole game. Or you need hours of context to understand why a given moment is good. For some games, we’ve chosen seemingly small or seemingly inconsequential scenes that, when played, perfectly encapsulate everything we love about the game in question. Beware of spoilers for any game this year; you can find a list of specific games in the description, and let’s say right away that these are, of course, subjective issues. And at the same time, this is a more serious list; this means you won’t find anything like the Redfall subtitles to let you know you won’t have to play this crap anymore…

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While there’s another game that didn’t make it to The Game Awards’ Game of the Year list, we think it belongs on our list. And this is Hogwarts Legacy. While it’s not revolutionary, it’s still a well-made Harry Potter game that brings credit to the universe and attracts more fans to it.

But we’re specifically interested in one particular part of the game. One in which you relive the story of three brothers. The moment itself is quite a surprise, but it deserves a place here mainly because of its graphics and the fact that it’s not what you’d expect in a game like this.

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