Grand Theft Auto 5 actor Michael was visited by an emergency team during a GTA Online broadcast – INDIAN

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A vile and malicious phenomenon called swatting has been a problem for streamers for years. In the eyes of some viewers, an armed police raid on an innocent content creator is incredible entertainment, but none of us would want to be in the shoes of the broadcasters themselves. He, too, found himself in a similar situation due to some not-so-smart person on Thanksgiving Day. actor Ned Luke.

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Ned Luke became famous as the man who he voiced one of the three main characters GTA VMichael De Sante. The actor was spending the evening leisurely playing GTA Online with the community when he suddenly had to interrupt the broadcast. He received a call and learned that emergency personnel had broken into his house. Probably because of the idiot who filed a false police report.

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Source :Indian TV

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