Tower defense and roguelike in one game – Endless Dungeon – INDIAN

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For fans and opponents of the expanding universe theory, we have irrefutable evidence. Amplitude Studio released its latest addition to the Endless universe called Endless Dungeon and considering that the game excited me already in a long-ago preview, I took up this review. In an age of “endless” remakes and clones, every whiff of innovation is appreciated. And the combination of tower defense and rogue-lite genres is truly innovative. And the setting of the game too. Imagine a mysterious space station somewhere in deep space. Something is terribly wrong with her. It uses anomalies to attract spaceships from a wider area, including yours. After surviving the disaster, you meet another handful of castaways from this mysterious base, and one thing immediately becomes clear. You will not be able to get out of it until you descend into the endless depths of its depths. Which in our case means three floors.

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There is at least one advantage to being on an anomaly-ridden space station. It’s almost impossible to die there. You will always enter the bowels of this spaceship in a team of at least two people and one robot crab with crystal Behind. You can probably guess that he will play a key role in the entire Infinite Dungeon. The station reacts to this and, apparently, this was important for the previous residents. Also works as a walking power station, door opener and emergency teleport. Your task will be to protect him at all costs throughout the entire passage, because although you can raise your heroes from the ground, so to speak, you will not be able to lift Crabby and with his destruction the attempt ends. To defend it, simply shooting headless with your characters won’t be enough, they don’t really have the caliber for it and you’ll also have to rely on auto turrets. However, before we get to those, you need to explain that despite the game’s real-time appearance, it is actually a turn-based strategy game.

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