Netflix didn’t listen to Sapkowski when they made The Witcher

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Netlfix’s Controversial Witcher Series Coming This June I saw the premiere of the third series, which also represented Henry Cavill’s farewell to the role of Geralt. In the upcoming fourth and fifth series, Liam Hemsworth will take over the reins of the Witcher.

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The author of the original book, Andrzej Sapkowski, briefly spoke about the adaptations of his work in an interview with the gaming magazine Cerealkillerz, created during the Vienna Comic Con. The Polish writer said that each visual adaptation of the Witcher series has a special impact on him, which he explains by the fact that as a writer he himself works only with letters and the imagination of the reader. At the same time, he admits that foreign interpretations of his stories converted into visual form, can provide an interesting insight into how people imagine his work. According to him, sometimes it is a pleasant surprise, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

The debate then turned to the aforementioned Netflix series. Sapkowski participated in some of the filming and called the process itself stunning. However, he added that the creators of the series did not do this. didn’t reflect my comments. “I gave Netflix some ideas, but they never listened to me.” stated At the same time, he added dryly and with exaggeration that this is normal and the authors of the series do not care about a specific writer.

Source : Zing

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