Baldur’s Gate 3 Creators Hit Back at Physical Edition Speculators – INDIA

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Challenging adventure RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 undoubtedly one of the best games of this year. Thousands of players have been drooling over the amazing details and nearly endless possibilities since the game left Early Access roughly three years ago. Many of them have given the game such a special place in their hearts that the only thing it’s missing is physical edition. Luckily, it’s coming out next year, as we told you about last week.

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So called Baldur’s Gate 3 – Deluxe Edition will be sold in versions for PC (digital key), PlayStation 5 (two discs) and Xbox Series X/S (three discs). In addition to the game itself, the deluxe box also contains many unique collectibles. For the so called scalpersthat is, a reseller of a limited or hard-to-find product that no one likes, so this is a great option the opportunity to coat your pocket.

On online marketplaces like eBay, it’s easy to find tons of listings for Baldur’s Gate 3 collectibles at crazy prices. Official price is 80 euros and shipping costs 99.99 euros (approx. 2500 CZK), the Deluxe Edition is offered on eBay with pre-order confirmation. easy, even for twice the price (that is, unless we are talking about completely irrelevant advertising trying to sell a collection for tens of thousands of crowns).

However, the game developers themselves are striking back at the scalpers. Michael Dawes, publishing director at Larian Studios, took to social media site X to highlight that the Collector’s Edition it is not limited, so there is no point in buying it at a price higher than the recommended price. He also assured fans of Baldur’s Gate that there will be enough of them when sales begin.

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Source :Indian TV

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