Portal 2 will get an ambitious prequel

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The Portal series can already be counted among the cult gaming brands that have helped develop games based primarily on logic puzzles. Portal 2, for example, is still around many years later. highest rated game in history on Steam. Despite the success of this two-part series, there’s currently no indication that we’ll be seeing a full-fledged sequel from Valve anytime soon. Therefore, fans have to thank mainly the community modifications, a number of which have already been created thanks to advanced modding tools and the open structure of the game.

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The new product attracted a lot of attention modification for the second part called Portal: Revolution, which is behind developer Stefan Heinz. Given the ambitions and scale of this project, it is better to talk about a separate title. Portal: Revolution will offer its own campaign, which in its plot will precede the events of the second part.

Your own storyline and more 40 unique puzzles in total it should offer 8 hours of gameplay, which is not much less than the time it takes to complete the second part itself. Portal: Revolution will be released on Steam on January 5th.. Owners of the original game will be able to download the mod for free. Above in the preview you can watch the recently published trailer, which managed to collect more than half a million views in 5 days. More information can be found directly on Steam.

Source :Indian TV

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