Fonus Entertainment will release a new game from Asobo studio

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More than a year has passed since the release of the action-adventure film A Plague Tale: Requiem. The game received a 9 out of 10 review score from us and was generally well received. Additionally, it debuted on Game Pass at that time and thus reached a wide range of players. Within weeks of release, it celebrated success with over 1 million people trying the game. However, we have now received new information.

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Published by Focus Entertainment First he announced, that the number of players in Requiem has crossed the 3 million mark within a year of its release. However, this is not the only news, because with it Focus announced big news – after A Plague Tale: Innocence and Requiem, it will also take care of the release of another game from the Asobo studio, which is also being worked on. Flight simulator for Microsoft.

Unfortunately, we don’t know any details yet, only that it should be a “big project.” We don’t know if this will be another installment of A Plague Tale or something completely new. One way or another, the new project has been in development for some time; in July we wrote that the company was recruiting new people to the “Plague Team,” as this part of the studio is called. However, we may have to wait a while for a full announcement.

Source :Indian TV

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