Are PlayStation Store prices too high? Class action will be heard in court – INDIAN

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Does Sony charge too high prices for PlayStation Store? The British court will deal with this issue. The class action lawsuit against the Japanese company was filed last summer by attorney Alex Neill. He did this on behalf of the 8.9 million PlayStation customers in the UK who bought something from the PS Store between 08/19/2016 and 08/19/2022.

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According to Neil, Sony is taking advantage of its dominant position in the market.sells games and other content on the PlayStation Store at higher prices and may charge a 30% commission because it does not allow a competing store on the platform.

Despite Sony’s objections, the Competition Appeal Tribunal sided with Neil. The lawyer can take the case to court. That is, provided that both parties have not agreed in advance. But this is unlikely to happen, Sony is convinced that the case is wrong from start to finish, and Neil demands up to £5 billion, which should be returned to UK consumers. Each group member will be entitled to between £67 and £562 plus interest.

This needs to be written Sony doesn’t do anything that someone else doesn’t do.. Additionally, only the Microsoft Store is available on Xbox. We’ve heard the same complaints about the lawsuit epic vs. Apple and are now also being discussed in the case epic vs. Google. Epic Games accused the App Store and Google Play of exorbitant commissions.

Some time ago, a similar case was dismissed in the United States. Sony has been accused of anti-competitive behavior because the PlayStation Store is the only place where digital content for PlayStation consoles can be purchased. Some experts note that this is a voluntary purchase and everyone agreed to the purchase. Plus, PS Store prices largely reflect industry-wide prices, including a 30 percent commission.

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