The Simpsons games may have been a flurry, but in the end even the sequel to the well-known Hit and Run – INDIAN – did not work out

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For the title of old school Simpsons Hit and Run I’m sure many of you remember. A crazy action adventure set in the world you love. Matt Groening, is still remembered, and many players will always feel that smell of nostalgia in their hearts. The fact that a sequel or even several other games from Springfield.

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In an interview with MinnMax, producer John Melchior shared the previous intentions of the development studio Radical Entertainment, which was behind the original game. He confirmed that the creators have a sequel in development called Simpsons Hit and Run 2, and to top it all off there was an option that at least five more playable Simpsons would be released in the future. Unfortunately, nothing came of this.

And this despite very ambitious plans. While the original game entertained hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts with just cars and trucks, the sequel could also feature airplanes or small and large airships. In short, no one at Radical Entertainment at the time doubted that this would happen. The Simpsons could become a full-fledged video game franchise.

The developers at Stormfront should have done this even sooner medieval game from the Simpsons universewhat Matt Groening wanted in the first place was also reported by Melchior.

Such an unexpected ending is possible blame publisher Vivendi Universal Games for this. Not only did he turn down an offer for five Simpsons-themed games, but work on the already controversial Simpsons Hit & Run 2 had to be shelved due to his poor decisions.

“The biggest crime was that Vivendi didn’t get the license for The Simpsons even though they had an offer. The Simpsons made an offer: five games for X amount of dollars, which was a really good offer, but Vivendi refused. Despite the success of Hit & Run” Melchior explained. But what prevented the publisher from concluding an agreement is still unclear.

“EA could come in, get a license and pay $80 million to talk about their games at every level,” he added.

Melchior saw a lot of potential, especially since the release of the original game and the expected debut of the upcoming sequel would not take long, so Apparently the fans’ interest has not waned.

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