They used to work on zombie survival for Rockstar. But he was very depressed – INDIAN

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Relatively Rockstar Games Currently, much of the discussion is focused on the highly anticipated open-world action game GTA VI. But let’s go back in time for a moment. From memories former technical director Obbe Vermeij after all, we will learn remarkable details about the game, which American developers had previously planned to release.

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A combination of DayZ (pictured above) and GTA: Vice City? This is exactly what she should have looked like stealth zombie survival game, set in Scotland. Vermeil, who left Rockstar after the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2009, recently spoke about his time at the studio, revealing that the new game that was supposed to be released finally something other than GTA, everyone imagined it completely differently. While the programmers wanted a fantasy game, the artists were more interested in the zombie genre, which is probably what they ended up going with.

The game, codenamed Z, was supposed to download you to Foggy Island Scotland, where you will have to face an endless onslaught of undead. Since there were clearly not enough weapons for a large number of zombies, she had to play a key role. vehicles – If you don’t attack, then run. But this required fuel, the profit from which was one of the main pillars of the game.

Title Z was in only about a month of development. The concept, supposedly using code from GTA: Vice City, later turned out to be too depressing. Even the masterminds of the original idea were outraged, after which the entire team began developing GTA: San Andreas.

The desire to create a game that was not GTA, but outweighed the failure of Z. After the release of San Andreas, the Rockstar San Diego team created the game Agent, inspired by the motifs and style of James Bond. However, unlike the famous “rock stars”. should have used not one large map, but several less complex levels. Some passages were planned to be located outside of our atmosphere.

“After San Andreas we REALLY wanted to do something that wasn’t GTA” – Vermeil emphasized. Work began with a spy demo created in the San Andreas environment, where it was supposedly located. a bagel and a car that turns into a submarine. Both Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar New York liked the idea, and began to pay more attention to development.

Despite their passion for creativity, Rockstar has finally decided to prioritize the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. At the time of the decision, Vermeil had spent over a year developing the title, internally titled “Jimmy”.

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