Cities: Skylines 2 DLC delayed as devs focus on fixing base game – INDIAN

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After an unsuccessful start to building a strategy Cities: Horizons 2 We learn about the first delays of the promised additions. The developers need to focus on fixing the core of the game, whose technical side (by which I mean poor optimization) causes problems even for people with very bloated builds.

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Publisher Paradox Interactive posted an updated schedule on its forum. It follows that this is an additional package Beach properties (with an initial release date of Q4 2023) we won’t see until the first quarter of next year, and what’s more, the expected expansion Bridges and ports it won’t be available until the second quarter. Creative packages will arrive during the same period. Modern architecture And City walks.

“Due to our desire to improve game optimization and prioritize accessibility of the mod editor, changes have been made to the expansion’s content schedule,” writes Paradox. “This decision to delay the release of certain content has been made as we focus on improving the game’s performance in line with what has already been done in recent weeks.” complements.

The Expansion Pass, which includes the San Francisco Pack, three radio stations, and the aforementioned delayed release bonuses, is currently only available as part of the Ultimate Edition of the game. It will be available to purchase separately only after the additional release of the first content in the first quarter of next year.

Despite Cities: Skylines 2 aiming for a smooth 30 frames per second experience, it didn’t even hit that mark at release. You can learn more about what problems this game has or what it excels at in our review. Versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S were previously postponed to spring 2024.

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Source :Indian TV

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