Fortnite players are protesting the availability of some items

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Fortnite is a game that is constantly evolving. Sometimes the news is positive, sometimes it is rather negative. Over the previous two days, the community received an update that falls more into the second category, so I don’t see it as entirely positive. It is believed that one of the main reasons for this is the fact that some cosmetic modifications can no longer be applied by players in Creative Mode. This is because the islands are more strict about age ratings, so any item of clothing that does not meet the age limit will automatically turn into a neutral skin by default.

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The players are very outraged by this move. First of all, most of them do not understand why Epic decided to implement this change and did not handle it so that the cosmetic modification would be seen by a regular player, while a child could see a more acceptable form in front of them. In addition, the categories into which individual disguises are classified do not make much sense, since, for example, mass murderer Michael Myers can run around, and Lara Croft or Meowscles will not run around the islands after children. According to the majority, the system of prohibitions is inconsistent, and this is the main problem.

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Part of the community is working on the idea that Epic wants to turn Fortnite into Roblox. However, Epic has taken note of the complaints and is currently working on a response. It was promised: “will make most of these costumes compatible with all ranks, automatically customizing their appearance depending on which island you want to play on.t.” However, if the company has already decided on this decision, the question is why not everyone.

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