World of Warcraft players are asking for the return of the famous location as part of the “Season of Discovery”

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World of Warcraft has really changed a lot over the years, so some destinations are really hard to remember. At the end of this month, the Season of Discovery kicks off in this universe, bringing back old places but exploring new specializations. Essentially, it will be something like World of Warcraft Classic+. The creators themselves promise that as part of this event, some long-forgotten locations will be improved, which should lead to the development of their potential. One of the locations players are looking to unearth is Ravenholdt Manor, a location in the Alterac Mountains that was visited by just about every rogue back in the day.

World of Warcraft players are asking for the return of the famous World of Warcraft location Ravenhold 2 as part of the Season of Discovery

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If you’ve been there, it may seem a little unfinished. In short, it was as if his development had stopped somewhere in the middle. And this is exactly what fans think the creators of World of Warcraft will have to work on. A significant part of them want to give this place a higher meaning. Whether they will give it to him is a question to which we will receive an answer only on November 30, when the Opening Season starts.

They should do something about the Ravenholdt estate in SoD.
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