About Game Pass on PlayStation 5, sales and other interesting facts from leaked documents – INDIAN

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No more swearing at the Federal Trade Commission. All information about Xbox that we were able to read today belongs to Microsoft. The documents on the court’s website were published not by the Federal Trade Commission, which is trying to prevent Microsoft from buying Activision Blizzard, but by Microsoft itself. He confirmed this is Douglas Farrar, a representative of the Federal Trade Commission, as well as Bloomberg. A California court subsequently seized these documents, but it was too late.

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From the biggest leak in Xbox history, which will be released a year after the release of gameplay footage of an early version of Grand Theft Auto 6, Microsoft executives will have a big headache. I wouldn’t be surprised if heads fell. However, there are other interesting things that we learned from the documents.

Let’s get to them:

– Head of Microsoft discussed the possibility of obtaining Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation 5 via a web browser. Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond wondered whether the PS5 browser would support xCloud streaming and whether Sony would actively block the ability.

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Source :Indian TV

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