New DLC for Resident Evil 4 is dedicated to the character of Ada Wong – INDIAN

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This is undoubtedly one of the best games of this year. Remake of Resident Evil 4, especially the joy of the trailer, which revealed the secret of the new DLC for this game. We already knew of its existence from Sony’s State of Play this year, but now we have new images of what the actual gameplay will look like. And there is something to look forward to.

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Also, if you’re one of the lucky ones who played the original, you may have noticed that some missions, fights, and even bosses are missing. He will probably take care of the missing passages. Different DLC Pathswho simply by the very image looks more than famous. Ada Wong returns to the scene with improved combat mechanics and a grappling hook that can be used to do more than just overcome obstacles.

Separate Ways focuses on the female character Ada Wong, who, like in the original game, is hired by the villain. Albert Weskerto obtain a mystical substance called “Amber” and destroy everyone and everything that stands in its way. In this village specifically the group Los Iluminados. But just like in the original game, Ada doesn’t always play by Wesker’s rules. However, the developers decided to mix up the cards a little. It’s in this version Ada is infected with the plague and this is likely to greatly affect her progress. In addition, her mission will be intertwined with Leon’s search for the missing daughter of the president, thanks to which we get a new look at what happens behind the scenes of the original story.

We can expect something really new in terms of gameplay and gameplay. Although we will be moving through the places we went through as Leon, thank you. shooting hook we can enjoy it again, but in a slightly different way. The hook is not only used to move from place to place, but you can do it. can also be used effectively in combat.

The combination of dodging multiple enemies, accurately shooting at a target, and finally defeating and disarming your pursuers sounds like a lot of fun. This way, you can use the grappling hook in the actual combat, which makes room for some quick, action-packed scenes. In addition, the demo itself showed us corridor with lasers. Will we get a quality acrobatic performance?

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